Established in September 2015, Hangzhou Xinmei Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with strong research and development capabilities; now, we are committed to the research and development and industrialization of high value-added pharmaceutical intermediates and special fine chemical products; especially, many synthetic technologies and products of our company rank the are leading position of world. Know More >
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    As the core competitiveness of our company, research and development activity has always been the focus of our company, and we strive to build a first-class research and development platform. There are a high-level research and development team and a project team led by five senior doctors. "Pursuing excellence and never giving up"is the strong belief of our R&D activity. In addition, our company invests a large amount of funds in research and development every year to maintain and promote the research and development capabilities of our company continuously.

    Industrial operation
    According to the development goals and industrialization needs of our company, we found a fine chemical production base in Shanxi for the industrial production of our project to ensure the leading superiority of our company in production capacity and technology to meet customer needs.

    Customer cooperation
    "Achiveing customers to achieve ourselves" is the consistent cooperation philosophy of our company. Our company attaches great importance to cooperation with customers, and strives to understand the actual needs of clients and the planning of future development, and continuously offers them supports of products and services. Our company is committed to providing customers with high quality and competitively priced products and services, and making unremitting efforts to achieve client's goals. 

    Enterprise's goal 
    Our company adheres to the development idea of "high starting point, high added value", and takes cutting-edge fine chemical materials and pharmaceutical intermediates as the core products. We will implement the business philosophy of health, safety and environmental protection, actively develop international cooperation, and firmly move towards the goal of market internationalization, technology internationalization, and talent internationalization, and eventually develop into a high-level worldwide enterprise. 

    Innovation culture
    Our company advocates a corporate culture of "fairness, harmony, collaboration, innovation". We seek to create a "fair, honest" cooperation atmosphere between our company and employees, our company and customers. Adhering to the tenet of being honest, trustworthy and a sense of responsibility, our company implements humanized management, encourages employees to fully exert their personal abilities, and achieves the perfect unity of business objectives and personal life values of employees.

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